Refund & Replacement Policy


All rewards are subject to availability. Registered users may redeem credits when signed into an active account, by way of selecting the desired product/reward, and allocating available credits. Credits may only be redeemed for products/rewards available in the online reward center catalog at the time of redemption. The full credit balance required for selected products/rewards must be available in the purchasing account at the time of redemption. Credit values assigned to any product/reward are subject to change at any time and without notice. A valid mailing address and any other necessary information must be provided for the shipment and delivery of physical merchandise products/rewards.



Credits may not be transferred and must be redeemed by registered users (Member) or an authorized representative. Received redemption requests will be automatically reviewed to verify that sufficient credits are available and that such credits are valid. Membership may be terminated if Administrators determine that fraudulent activity occurred in either the accrual or redemption of credits.



Refunds and/or replacement product may be requested in the event that a product/reward arrives damaged, or in the event that an incorrect product/reward arrives. All requests must be made within ten (10) days of recorded delivery. Some products/rewards more prone to damage during transit (i.e., posters, paper product) may not be eligible for replacement. Regal may require documentation of damage (i.e., photographic documentation) for record-keeping and inventory purposes. Due to the limited nature of available products/rewards and inventory, Regal may elect to issue a refund of credits and/or shipping costs in lieu of product/reward replacement at its sole discretion and based on product/reward availability.

Regal or its suppliers may ship partial shipments of any Merchandise at Regal’s sole discretion. Regal is not responsible for items lost, stolen, or damaged in transit. Regal does not provide shipping insurance on items unless specified in the item description.

Regal is under no obligation to provide notice of any delay of any shipment or delivery. Any estimate of shipping or delivery windows or dates shall not be binding or create any representation or warranty by or obligation of Regal or any of its suppliers.

Regal is not responsible for any technical issues that prevent you from accessing or redeeming any reward or receiving any e-mail notification.

Regal does not offer warranties on any rewards unless specified in the item description.

Digitally-delivered items and rewards loaded onto a Club Card are provided “AS IS.”

Regal is not responsible for lost, late, misdirected, mutilated, incomplete, or illegible returns of Merchandise or Digital Rewards, including for any refusal to provide a refund or accept a return that may result from such nonconforming returns.

Regal reserves the right to reject, cancel or invalidate any rewards order if, in Regal’s sole discretion, it cannot fulfill the order for any reason or the reward’s cost (in credits or U.S. dollars) is mismarked.



Digitally delivered items, rewards allocated to specific Regal Crown Club accounts, and sweepstakes entries are provided “AS IS.” Refunds and replacements of these awards may be granted at Regal’s sole discretion. In the event a refund or replacement is granted, the associated original reward will be cancelled. Regal may require additional information for a refund or replacement to be processed.

For additional information, please see the Crown Club Rules or contact us at [email protected].